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Serial entrepreneur Mickey Beyer-Clausen is frequently invited to speak at industry and corporate events around the world to inspire audiences and provide insights on topics related to companies he has co-founded.


Mickey gave a formidable talk and interacted with us in a session regarding start-ups, self-efficacy and personal beliefs. Mickey was not only impressive, but also the warmest, most honest speaker we had met in years.
— Thomas Østergaard, Assistant Professor of VIA University College



Science, technology, and the mental performance revolution

Target group: Anyone with an interest in mental performance, mindfulness, sleep, and jet lag

This talk will follow the evolution of self-care from the diet and exercise movements to the mental performance revolution, which has just begun. As one of the pioneers in the mobile technology/digital wellness space, Mickey Beyer-Clausen will share insights from his journey, started in 2008, which includes the launch of the world's first mindfulness and sleep apps, and the Flying Without Fear app. He will then delve into his relationship with experts from NASA and Harvard Medical School, and how he is translating the latest in circadian neuroscience into apps that optimize performance and health for everyone, starting with the elimination of jet lag. Mickey is a Danish-born entrepreneur who has lived in New York for the past 14 years.

Fighting jet lag is rocket science

Target group: People in the travel industry

Jet lag is misunderstood by most in the travel industry. As a result, their advice, products, and services are based on the wrong assumptions. The science of jet lag actually exists, and by embedding it into their offering, travel brands can gain a strategic advantage over their competitors.

The talk will cover:

  • The real consequences of jet lag

  • What travelers are doing today (and why isn’t it working)

  • The jet lag science we have all missed

  • The first who applied the science

  • What’s timeshifting™ and how does Timeshifter® work

  • Why timeshifting will be the new normal in a few years

  • Predictions on the future of travel


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