Timeshifter - The Jet Lag App

Timeshifter is building a platform for circadian shifting to solve major performance and health challenges with an initial focus on jet lag

Founded: 2017
Mickey’s role: Co-founder/CEO
Status: Raising capital

Timeshifter - The Jet Lag App - is the most advanced jet lag tool in the world. It is developed with Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Steven Lockley, Ph.D., based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience, and is used by astronauts, elite athletes, and top CEOs. Timeshifter generates highly personalized jet lag plans based on the traveler’s sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan, and optional preferences such as pre-travel adjustment or the use of melatonin for even faster adaptation. Timeshifter incorporates a real world "practicality" filter, ensuring that the advice is realistic and easy to follow; there is also a unique Quick Turnaround™ feature for business travelers who want to be at their best during short business trips that are not long enough to allow full adjustment. A notification system provides the simple yet powerful advice, even while in-flight.