Timeshifter (Co-founder & CEO)

Adapt to a new time zone faster than ever before

Jet lag affects millions of travelers each day, disrupting business travelers' productivity, diminishing athletes’ performance, and reducing tourists' enjoyment of their vacations. Timeshifter™ is the quickest and most reliable way to adjust to a new time zone and increase your energy level while traveling. Used by astronauts, Formula 1 drivers, and Olympic athletes, and based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience, Timeshifter offers personalized advice based on your sleep pattern, chronotype, number of hours to be shifted, direction, flight schedule, and whether you have chosen to pre-adjust and use melatonin or caffeine. Download the app before your next trip and arrive ready for business, sport, and vacation.






Steven Lockley, Ph.D.
Tony Hanna
Jacob Ravn
Mickey Beyer-Clausen