Mickey in summary

Over the past 20 years, Danish-born, New York-based serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Mickey Beyer-Clausen has established a solid track record of innovation, creation, and execution. In the ’90s, he was one of the first to launch successful Internet businesses and today he's building companies around innovations that improve the human or planetary condition.

Mickey's output includes several sustainable businesses in the technology sector and a foundation:

Mickey Beyer-Clausen is an advisor to both entrepreneurs and businesses


Startup advisory for entrepreneurs

As a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in business/product development, PR/marketing, and fundraising, Mickey can help entrepreneurs with most challenges impacting their startups.

Advisory for established businesses

Many companies could benefit from an entrepreneur's perspective to help them identify disruptions before they’re disrupted, problems before they happen, and opportunities before the competition. 


Connecting Danish and American companies

Since Mickey moved to New York in 2006, he has facilitated connections between Danish and American companies, and organized or contributed to events that inspire collaboration between the two countries.